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Bretten Hannam | Canada | 2021 | 103 min | ENGLISH & MI’KMAQ

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A fiery getaway from an abusive home sends a Two-Spirit Mi’kmaw teen and his younger half-brother onto the open road and into the Eastern Canadian woods with the help of the charismatic Pasmay, a generous and resourceful companion. Nature as their bedroom. One another as burgeoning chosen family.

Link (Phillip Lewitski) is rude and quick to anger. Raw, like a wound never quite healed. But along with his increasing closeness with Pasmay (Joshua Odjick), who unlike Link is proud of his Mi’kmaw identity, comes an awareness of his self and sexuality. A wryly cheerful, yet reluctant Travis (Avery Winters-Anthony) in tow, they follow clues on the trail of Link’s long absent mother – a “proud” woman who might not want to be found. All the while, poisonous past lessons still cling. Approached with restorative vigour by Two-Spirit filmmaker Bretten Hannam, Wildhood’s themes of belonging, brotherly love, and self-knowledge culminate in an ending of incredible poignancy. Though, it’s the journey that will linger. Link and Pasmay’s furtive looks (and a showstopping waterfall sex scene). The propulsive hip hop and thoughtful moments of connection. An untamed soulfulness as vast as the Canadian wilderness.

OPENING FILM at Cinéma du Musée with film cast and producer | NOVEMBER 18, 7PM