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Jude Klassen | Canada | 2021 | 83 min | ENGLISH


Like mother, like daughter. Punk rock one-hit wonder Dani Destroyer and her punk-playing daughter Kat (played by real-life mother-son duo Jude Klassen and Mikhael Klassen-Kay) transform their angst into lyrics, as they navigate intimacy issues and the tendency to ruin perfect moments in their search for true loves they can fully be themselves around.

This Toronto-set, music-inflected scramble towards the most epic Spring Fling possible centers around two twisty love triangles. Kind-hearted and quirky Magnus and Dani’s flirty, “cockblockin’” ex Sid Savage (Matt Clark and Michael Coughlan) vie for her affections, as “bestie” Stevie and the scheming Eden (Mia Rodne and Caylin Turner) pine for Kat’s. All “thin-skinned” in their own ways, these nostalgia-obsessed dreamers pile on the mistakes as they find newer, better ways of being human. Flowing between earnest, heightened dialogue, narrative-progressing music videos, and madcap montages, Stupid for You is Canadian feel-good comedy for misfits of all ages.


Meet the filmmaker Jude Klassen, director of the feature film STUPID FOR YOU. A quick trip into her world, an interesting and insightful talk about her work, the why, the how and more.