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Adrián Silvestre | Spain | 2021 | 89 min |  SPANISH S.-T.EN.

Six very different trans women arrive in Magdalena Brasas’ childhood hometown in the Province of León, in northern Spain, and laugh and argue their way towards mutual understanding. Finding Leon to be an incredibly welcoming place full of natural and cultural wonders, they heal and look to the future.

Sharing a house that is over two hundred years old, they settle in, trading filthy  jokes and stories of personal triumphs and travails. Even as they passionately disagree – especially former sex worker Yolanda and the more conservative “egomaniac” Cristina – they remain thoughtful, returning to one another for follow-up. Akin to the strong and mostly silent artist Saya, filmmaker Adrián Silvestre employs a patient, observant lens. We are with the women as they undress, share boisterous meals, and roam the countryside. In their site visits, the various strata of an exposed mine and the descent into majestic caves become extended metaphors, urging us to look deeper, to investigate all these women’s layers, and expand our worldviews along with them.