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Camille Duvelleroy | France | 2021 | 90 min | FRENCH S.-T.EN.

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In a relationship for several years, Alice and Gabrielle want a child. From Spain to France they embark on the adventure strewn with the pitfalls of assisted reproduction in this touching series in the form of Instagram stories.

Alice has wanted a child for a long time. Gabrielle just never thought about it. After seven years together, that’s it… they are finally getting started. Appointments are made, treatments are taken. After Alice suffers some disappointing results in Barcelona, the tables are turned and Gabrielle decides  – for love  – to go through with the artificial insemination process. Told over 30 short Insta stories no more than seven minutes each, Patience mon amour utilizes the vertical phone screen format to create a personal and intimate feel to this quick paced, and at times laugh out loud funny, expressive series tackling an often somberly addressed subject with both a lighthearted and heartrending touch. The result: an engaging and binge-inducing collection of moments in the lives of these two women and their challenges in making their family.