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Kelly Walker | USA | 2020 | 86 min | ENGLISH


​​A wife. A mother. A best friend. All three die when Fiona (Sara Amini), without explanation, commits suicide. Those she leaves behind are left to process their grief and cobble together a family, leading to unforeseen attraction, emotional expansion, and outcomes both beautiful and tragic. 

After Fiona’s death, Jane (Jeanette Maus), her long-time bestie, begins to act as a substitute for her in increasingly discomfiting ways, leading Jane to question many things, including her sexuality as she becomes enmeshed in the life of Fiona’s widow, Gemma (How to Get Away with Murder’s Corbin Reid). As Jane and Gemma clash over the care of Fiona’s son and desperately look for someone to blame, a paradox emerges: they are growing both closer and further apart. Seeking “unethical” advice from Alec (Ryan W. Garcia), her ex-boyfriend and Bailey’s psychiatrist, Jane thinks she can solve every mystery plaguing her. But no matter what she does, Fiona hangs, like a ghost, over her choices. Its compelling intensity softened by its charm and sense of humour, My Fiona depicts loving relationships pushed to the brink, probing for what comes after despair.


Meet the filmmaker Kelly Walker, director of the feature MY FIONA. An interesting and insightful talk about her work, the why, the how and more.