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Writer-director Craig Boreham’s dark romance is a knockout film devoid of pretensions. Both deeply hot and deeply daring. Its “corn-fed” protagonist, Casey, hitchhiking to Sydney to escape a violent past and ending up in the bed and fickle heart of Tib, the two becoming ardent, unpredictable lovers.

Casey (Josh Lavery) is a loner. The type of cowboy-hat-wearing drifter who crashes a party, charges his phone, and grabs some whiskey and nosh before slipping out the door. A man who wanders into the ocean, hoping never to return. It’s only after meeting Tib (Daniel Gabriel), a cheeky charmer, that he finds something worth sticking around for, and the two go into business together tackling odd jobs and hooking up in the downtime. But Tib’s polyamory triggers something coiled within Casey, capable of putting them both in danger. By treating lust and nudity openly, Lonesome can fully investigate its delights and degradations, the film’s lead actors, and their knockout supporting cast, making every small moment feel lived in, every naked kitchen conversation nuanced. Casey and Tib, like the anticipatory electronic soundtrack, full of tensions waiting to become undone.

screening at Cinéma Impérial only | NOVEMBER 25TH 9.15PM