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image+nation34 / call for submissions for 2021

A pioneer of LGBTQ cinema for over 30 years, image+nation, Film Festival LGBTQueer Montréal is the oldest festival of its kind in Canada, showcasing award-winning local and international films that strive to preserve the authenticity and diversity of LGBTQ+ voices while chronicling an evolving queer cinematic practice. The Festival explores New Queer Storytelling – both the uniqueness and the universality of these stories – offering queer and non-queer identifying audiences contemporary representation of what it means to be  LGBTQ+  in the 21st century. image+nation’s mission is to promote and prepare contemporary and future generations of queer storytellers while offering platforms for sharing  LGBTQ+  stories and lives to encourage self-identification and empathy.

image+nation reflects our changing  world and brings audiences contemporary ideas of what it means to be  LGBTQ+  today — stories for all to see and to share.

In 2020-2021, image+nation expands its traditional festival form and becomes a living and continuously developing  LGBTQ+ cultural exploration space where you can see your stories and share them every day of the year through our new I+N Festival+ and our constantly evolving I+N e/spaces, to name but a few of the discoveries that await!

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