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The seemingly social-media-ready Wong family is far from picture perfect. In the midst of its dissolution and his increasingly disastrous final year of high school, Jake must untangle his feelings for a sexy new neighbour, Aleks, who offers to help him “one-on-one” with more than just his basketball performance.

Jake (a superb Cardi Wong) feels the pressure all around him: the corrosive dreams of his “aggro” father (Ryan Mah); the breakdown of his overworked mother (Leeah Wong); the unsupported culinary aspirations of his sister (Claudia Kai); and the sexual needs of his “forever” girlfriend, Valerie (Parmiss Sehat). Aleks (Chris Carson) cuts through all of that. He offers Jake kindness and a shining example of self-confidence. Openly gay – with a killer six-pack – Aleks stands up for himself and puts bullies in their place. He’s everything Jake won’t allow himself to be, and as expectations eat away at him, phones are at the ready to catch every slip-up and breakdown. The heartfelt – and, at times, crowd-pleasingly libidinous – Golden Delicious pairs a coming-of-age tale with a family drama to offer a multi-dimensional portrait of an Asian-Canadian family coming to terms with loving themselves.

screening at Cinéma J.A. de Sève only | NOVEMBER 26TH 5PM

ONLINE (November 27th to December 1st)