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image+nation culture queer strives to represent, protect and prepare the present and future generations of queer storytellers and media makers while building empathy through sharing stories with audiences here in Canada, and throughout the world. 

Ever evolving, image+nation expands this year, embarking on new initiatives that make our stories easier to discover and to share by developing our online tools and presentation platforms. Now into its fourth decade of showcasing LGBT2SQ+ culture, image+nation explores New Queer Storytelling and the uniqueness and universality of these stories; promoting diversity, inclusivity and the many intersectional aspects of queer voices and communities.

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, that would allow queer future generations to flourish? Ready to come on board? We look forward to discovering your profiles and ideas!

Job Opportunities

If you want to get involved with us and believe you have qualities and knowledge that could help us expand and better develop our projects so they reach their full potential, please email us at including your CV and a cover letter.

At image+nation, we value diversity and support underrepresented queer perspectives, whether in culture, sexuality, gender, way of thinking or abilities, so we encourage you to apply whoever you are!