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Q. Allan Brocka | USA | 2021 | 90 min |  ENGLISH

Boy Culture reunites us with now-aged escort “X” (Derek Magyar, with the goofy-sexy charm of Owen Wilson) and his now ex, Andrew (Noah’s Arc’s Darryl Stephens), as they try to navigate living together, Andrew’s romantic interests, and X’s hustling. Not to mention Chayce “with a y” (Jason Caceres), a young, tech-savvy pimp with sass – and abs – to spare.

The series stretches over six confession-based chapters named after clients, each of whom teaches X something about himself as he returns the favour (in more ways than one). There’s a famous gay Youtuber harboring both a daddy fetish and a self-hatred complex, as well as two older black men with two very different, but equally outrageous requests, to name a few. Leading to the biggest and most difficult confession of all. Written with comedic patter and emotional stealth by returning director Q. Allan Brocka and original novelist Matthew Rettenmund, the return of this cult favourite delivers all the heat the plot lines promise, while touching upon serious issues around race and mental health and managing, by the end, to surprise tears out of even the most jaded hookup app frequenter.