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Marco Simon | Italy | 2021 | 83 min | ITALIAN S.-T.EN.

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Marco Simon Puccioni’s 2012 film, Prima di tutto, documented the birth of his twin boys, David and Denis, and now Puccioni is back with a second chapter, chronicling three years in his young sons’ lives, marking political and personal milestones and letting the boys speak for themselves.

All Together is like a family video album of great political significance, allowing the boys’ lived experiences and candid reactions, and not narrow societal views dictate who they are and how they feel about their rainbow family. We tag along with these precocious, boisterous brothers and their fathers to Los Angeles as they visit their surrogate and egg donor, with whom they have a loving relationship, and celebrate their father’s civil union in the sweltering but stunning Campidoglio in Rome. Meanwhile, Marco and his partner seek advice from other rainbow fathers and scrutinize the terminology surrounding their less-and-less unique situation. Whether swimming in Ithaca, Greece or sledding in winter, it’s clear that David and Denis have a childhood that most can only dream of, and the social battles raging around them begin to pale in the face of their healthy development and joy.