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For more than three decades, image+nation Festival Film LGBTQueer Montréal [produced by Diffusions gaies et lesbiennes du Québec, (DGLQ)] has strived to encourage connection and reflection between LGBTQ+ people, nurtured queer storytellers and promoted LGBTQueer culture regionally and internationally. Representations are powerful.

Seeing one’s life reflected onscreen is essential as is the ability to share one’s stories with family and friends. New Queer Storytelling – telling one’s own story as well as sharing and engaging with LGBTQ+ stories and culture – is a profound and impactful act that humanizes and creates empathy.

Through its various productions, image+nation makes queer stories a part of everyday life in meaningful and empowering ways; exploring the uniqueness and the universality of these stories while supporting queer art and culture.

With its new branding, image+nation culture queer will continue its virtual expansion while returning to its roots of presenting and promoting queer culture in all its artistic forms; offering up stories and storytellers that reflect and express queer life and living.

Discover now!

I+N festival+ / off film festival year long presentations of LGTBQ+ culture and films

I+N explore / a place to discover creators

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I+N e/spaces 
/ thematic focus on LGBTQ+ cultures and practices

Join us in this new adventure of making the virtual a human experience to explore and expand together!

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We look forward to jumping into this exciting future with you all!





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