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A pioneer of LGBTQ+ cinema for close to four decades, image+nation culture queer is dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of LGBTQ+ people through film and media. image+nation‘s mission is to represent, protect and prepare present and future generations of queer storytellers and media makers while building empathy through sharing stories with audiences here in Canada, and throughout the world with our online initiatives

Our signature event, image+nation Festival Film LGBTQueer Montréal is an inclusive annual 11-day event, the oldest of its kind in Canada, featuring award-winning locally and internationally produced films that strive to preserve the authenticity and diversity of LGBTQ+ voices.

image+nation culture queer is also developing a series of educational and mentoring programs dedicated to nurturing emerging content, such as I+N Explore, inaugurated in 2016, the newly minted I+N StoryLab and our newest initiative, a virtual queer exhibition space that works towards bringing queer creators together to make amazing things happen.

With our new name and branding, image+nation culture queer, we are virtually evolving while returning to our roots of presenting and promoting queer culture in all its artistic forms to offer audiences stories and storytellers that reflect and express queer lives and living. 

Representations are powerful. Seeing oneself represented on ALL screens is essential as is sharing stories with family and friends. image+nation culture queer strives to achieve this; nurturing and championing local, national and international queer storytellers and sharing these queer stories with the world.

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