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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

les deux villages

Luc Dauphin 2017 Canada 50min french

Featuring Mario Gendron and Genghis Grenier, this documentary is a meeting between two people who took refuge in the Gay Village of Montréal at two different times. For one, it was the conquest of freedom of expression. Through these two characters, their confidences and their commitment, one discovers the importance of this gathering place that is the Village. Through their testimonies, we relate the major stages of its history, and its contribution to the cultural and economic life of Montréal for nearly 35 years.

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GoldenKai Stänicke 2015 Germany 3min no dialogue

Festival favourite, Kai Stänicke returns with a quick-hitting tale of feeling different but discovering your place as part of a shimmering community.

welcome to the world

Albert M. Chan & Anthony Grasso 2017 Canada 7min English

A troubled man records a video message for his pregnant sister; a journey of awakening from isolation back to humanity.

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