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Body Electric (Corpo Eléctrico)

Marcelo Caetano 2017 Portugal 94min portuguese s.-t.en

Marcelo Caetano was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem I Sing the Body Electric to make his debut feature film, a portrait of a 23-year-old gay man freely — and joyously — navigating between friends and lovers in frenzied São Paulo. Like other immigrant-powered cities, São Paulo is charged by tensions and affiliations based on ethnicity, skin colour, class, money, family background and, of course, sex. Handsome young Elias leads us on a journey from the factory floor to the nightclub dressing room, as he and his libido test how social boundaries are enforced— and how they might be transformed. An office assistant and rising talent in a clothing factory, Elias begins spending more time with the line workers. Though he is by no means uptight— in the intimacy of his bedroom he shares anecdotes and dreams with his various lovers— it is only when he strikes a bond with a more flamboyant co-worker that he faces the repercussions of navigating multiple worlds. A breath of fresh air from Brazil, this sometimes subtle, sometimes exhilarating film embraces desire and sensuality freely expressed.

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