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Tom of Finland

Dome Karukovski 2016 Finland 115min finish s.-t.en

Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, is a name well-known in the gay community. Famous for his drawings of hyper-muscular, well-endowed men, his art made him a pioneering figure in the art world, specifically when it came to gay representation. Now, more than twenty-five years after his death, Tom gets the big screen treatment in director Dome Karukowski's film - which was so well-received in it's native Finland it's been selected as their official best foreign film submission to the Oscars (which director Karuskowski's been handed the reigns of a big-budget J.R.R Tolkien biopic). The film charts Laaksonen's life and career, from his time as a soldier in WW2, to his early influence on the leather scene and American breakthrough, in highly cinematic fashion. It's rare to see a part of LGTBQ history brought so lovingly to life, and that makes Tom of Finland a must-see event. – Chris Bumbray

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Wes Hurley 2017 United States 9min no dialogue

A Tom of Finland inspired queer retelling of “The Little Mermaid”. A curious merman's life is forever changed after he saves a sailor from drowning. Antonin Dvorak's opera score accompanies this sexy homage to Hans Christian Andersen, vintage homoerotica and the golden era of silent film.

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