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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

Nobody’s Watching

Julia Solomonoff 2017 United States Argentina 103min english & spanish english

Nico is an out-of-work Argentinean barely scraping by in New York City. When he isn’t taking odd jobs or acting as a nanny to his friend’s newborn baby, he is trying to memorize lines for his next acting job. He shoplifts to get by and lives with a friend in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn. At night he is haunted of memories of Martín, who begged him not to leave Buenos Aires and still calls him to let him know he can come back to his previous life. Soon enough he is recognized by other nannies in a park that ask him if he is still acting and whether he will stay or return home. He struggles to get auditions and resorts to chasing down a famous producer who tells him to change his look and get dialect lessons. Meanwhile, his past begins to catch up with him – his friend Paolo visits, seeing through his charade, while Martín appears, tempting him back into past mistakes. Will Nico tough it out in New York or flee back to the comfort of Buenos Aires? – Clinton Glenn

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Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal