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Jours de France (4 Days in France)

Jérôme Reybaud 2016 France 141min french s.-t.en

Cohabitation, or perhaps life in general, has done something to Pierre Thomas (played by Pascal Cervo with moist-eyed melancholy, as if he were always on the edge of tears). Striking out on his own with only Grindr to accompany him, he stumbles upon a complex web of connection with townsfolk beyond Paris’ storied streets. The similarly disaffected Paul (Arthur Igual) is on his tail, chasing him down the rabbit hole, both men navigating a France without a center, as well as the quiet nobility and intense cruelty of provincial life. This enigmatic, fascinating film is threaded with contemplative shots of the stunning French countryside, often bathed in ashy, milky light, and is accompanied by a soundtrack dominated by ambient pastoral noise. At times naturalistic, at other times surreal and theatrical, the film is an utterly unique exploration of body – both that of humans poking and prodding their sexuality and the landscape itself. Jours de France is sure to be a festival standout and the cause of much discussion about the state of rural France and if LGBTQ citizens can ever reclaim part of that space for themselves. – Michael Belcher

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