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Extra-Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

Carla Cavina 2016 Puerto Rico Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 115min spanish s.-t.en

The family of poultry mogul Arcadio Díaz (played by the commanding Sunshine Logroño, a well-known media personality in Puerto Rico for decades) is “not the family he wants.” Each harbors a secret, and his daughter Teresa’s upcoming nuptials to her co-worker Daniela has brought her home from a seven-year absence to divulge hers and invite her family to her wedding. Easier said than done. Daniela has given her a week to do so and Teresa, an outspoken vegetarian, finds herself thrust into a caper of espionage, betrayal, and sabotage in order to save her family’s chicken empire as it becomes entangled in a battle between free trade and Puerto Rican national interests. Writer/director Carla Cavina pulls from her experiences as a poet and photojournalist to craft a dense, visually stimulating film worthy of its Audience Award at Puerto Rico’s own Queer Filmfest. This twisty family drama is lifted by its moments of screwball comedy – many involving Teresa’s science-obsessed nephew Andrés and his pet chicken, Pulsar – and its earnest exploration of one family’s place in the vast wonders of the universe. – Michael Belcher

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève