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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

Embrasse-moi ! (Kiss Me)

Océane Rose Marie & Cyprien Vial 2017 France 96min french s.-t.en

Océane drifts from relationship to relationship, never finding the woman of her dreams. Her friends are all moving on, either getting married or having children. Her ex, Fantine, continues to pop in an out of her life, antagonizing her along the way. One day while out running she comes upon her dream woman, Cécile, stretching in a field. After scaring her, and causing her to fall and injure herself, Océane proposes a trade: she will act as her osteopath if she will take photos for her website. Soon Océane finds herself falling headlong in love, while her friends and family are in disbelief that she has found “the one.” However, there is one small complication: Cécile has her eyes on an eight-month photo assignment at the North Pole, but is afraid of flying. Thus begins Océane’s quest to both snag her dream woman and get her the job of her dreams – which also means conquering Cécile’s phobia of flying and fear of commitment. Will they find true love in all this mayhem? Embrasse-moi ! is a charming comedy that reaffirms the old maxim that love comes along when we least expect it, and inevitably, most open to it. – Clinton Glenn

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