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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

After Louie

Vincent Gagliostro 2017 United States 100min english

Legendary multi-hyphenate Alan Cumming plays Sam, a chain-smoking artist obsessed with the visual remnants of a close friend who succumbed bitterly and, insofar as it is possible, beautifully to AIDS, his spirit an indelible reminder for Sam of the resilience and conviction that he believes has been lost in the gay community since the ravages of the 80s. Upon meeting Braeden (Zachary Booth), a hook-up he initially mistakes for a rent boy, Sam’s views are put to the test, brought up against a youthful perspective of what it means to be homosexual in 2017. Written in alternatingly intense and methodical scenes by Vincent Gagliostro and Anthony Johnston, who also appears in the film as the HIV-positive boyfriend with whom Braeden shares an open relationship, After Louie takes us into the often-empty bars and exploratory bedrooms of the modern gay landscape. It richly explores the many shades of sexuality and the gaps between and within generations of gay men. Alan Cumming is his delicious, provocative self, but also plumbs his emotional depths, in this moving consideration of the continued costs and triumphs of years of horror. – Michael Belcher

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