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The Wound (Inxeba)

John Trengrove 2017 South Africa 88min xhosa s.-t.en

South Africa’s entry for this year’s Oscars, which has already won both local and international awards and caused controversy in its home country for its depiction of traditional circumcision, The Wound focuses on the associations and antagonisms of three men across the spectrum of homosexuality as they navigate the boundaries of manhood. Kwanda’s father, believing him to be “too soft” and fearing his dalliances with men in the city, sends him to the mountainous regions of the Eastern Cape in order to undergo the Xhosa rite of passage. There, he is watched over by his caregiver, Xolani (acclaimed musician Nakhane Touré), who takes a break from his anaesthetizing factory job in Queenstown to perform the sacred duty. Xolani once had to accomplish the rites on his own, and his motives for being there are inextricably bound to his relationship with a fellow caregiver, the married Vija. In their remote, Arcadian locale, notions of masculinity and class fissure, causing a collision of kinship, violence, and eroticism. Kwanda, who reveals himself to be both enlightened and cruel, wonders, “How can love destroy a nation?” This extraordinary film searches for the answer. – Michael Belcher

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