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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

Rebels on Pointe

Bobbi Jo Hart 2017 Canada 90min english

Rebels on Pointe is an uplifting and affecting look at Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the all-male, drag ballet company founded over 40 years ago on the heels of New York's Stonewall riots. Tracing the company’s beginnings to contemporary performances in far-flung places such as Tokyo and Edmonton, this behind-the-scenes look examines Trockadero’s oversized impact on the ballet world. Featuring interviews with dance critics and historians, company members, and friends and family of the dancers, Rebels on Pointe tracks the important role that Trockadero has played, both in transgressing the traditional male-female gender roles in ballet performance, and in the company’s importance as a safe space for gay male dancers to be who they are. Rebels on Pointe illustrates how the company’s mix of humour and emotion has made Trockadero a subversive pioneer of dance and one of the most interesting and vital companies working today. Involving and elating, Rebels on Pointe ends up being a lively consideration of gender and art as well as a capacious story of family. – Clinton Glenn

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève