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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

queerment québec

2017 Canada 85min english & french

Tickets available at the venue on night of.

Celebrating Montreal image-makers, Queerment Québec features an eclectic and entertaining mix of emerging and established talent. Proving our city is a hotbed of queer creativity, these local filmmakers do not disappoint, offering up dazzling stories that speak of and to uniquely Québécois cultural perspectives.

Also in this program: 

FRIGID // The Game

Éclair Noir 2017 Canada 5min no dialogue

Intimacy, transformation, jamming gender binaries, self-confidence, self-destruction, humour and isolation all mix in this clip from Frigid. "Break the rules & feel no shame!"


Jonathan Lemire 2017 Canada 11min french s.-t.en

The turbulence of the past resurfaces when a young adult must relearn how to communicate with their dying mother. For Audrey, this is her last chance to prove that love goes beyond gender and to tell her what she has always been, he daughter.

Paupière mauve

Gabrielle Demers 2017 Canada 10min french s.-t.en

Emanuelle is training on her stationary bike but she can’† get her mind off the image of Laura. The more she pedals, the more her memories turn to desire.

Morning After

Patricia Chica 2017 Canada 15min french s.-t.en

During a welcome home party full of provocative games, Michael comes face to face with a dilemma: not only questions about his own sexuality, but also, labels themselves. After a storm that leaves the party-goers soaked in the middle of the night, Michael finds the answer to all his questions, the Morning After.

Not Like Them (Pas comme eux)

Jonathan Lemieux 2017 Canada 6min English

Coming to terms with his avid pornography consumption in his teens, the director explores his relationship to his sexuality and his distorted visions of beauty and masculinity in this short by festival favourite, Jonathan Lemieux.


Sébastien Gauthier 2017 Canada 13min french s.-t.en

Don’t you hate it when your roommate brings a guy home in the middle of the night? You’d hate it more if the guy claimed he could read your thoughts.

Taste in Men Vol. 3

Syril Tiar 2017 Canada 13min french s.-t.en

A day in the life of a Canadian nurse specialized in STI testing and HIV prevention.

Everything Must Go, mon amour

Jocelyn Roy 2017 Canada 9min french s.-t.en

The existential angst of a young intellectual, when he and his boyfriend witness the destruction of the neighbourhood movie theater where their love story was born.

Sweet Affliction

Jess Lee 2017 Canada 7min English

Based on a short story by Anna Leventhal, Sweet Affliction explores ambiguous intimacies, anxieties around coming of age and sibling attachment.

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