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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

Queerment Québec

2018 Canada 120min french & english



Each year the Festival highlights Montreal image-makers with Queerment Québec, a shorts program featuring the work of local filmmakers. Turning 18 in 2018, Queerment Québec takes over the Phi Centre for the second year with an evening of screenings and discussion. Emerging and established producers will share their dazzling stories with us; works that speak of and to uniquely Québecois queer cultural perspectives. Our city is a hotbed of queer creativity and this evening of fun, film and festivities rightfully celebrates our spectacular homegrown talent.

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Marie Davignon Canada french 19min 2018 s.t-en.

Following her return from a long stay abroad, Amélie invites her friends, Maude and Pascale, to a cottage. In a disturbing and isolated forest, Amélie tries to reconnect with her friend Maude, while the rivalry between her and Pascale takes a very dark turn.

Danser sur les os (Dancing around Bones)

Danika Vermette Canada french 2018 s.t-en.

Eli must leave to find the wild woman who lives inside her.


Is Your Teen a Homosexual?

Tamara Scherbak Canada English 6min 2018

In this short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump’s America using the style of “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s, Johnny comes out to his family, but stereotypes and prejudices prove to be stronger than family ties.

L'appétit des garçons (Starving Boys)

Raphaël Massicotte Canada french 7min 2018 s.t-en.

A Daddy, a Twink, a Bear and a Hunk are cruising outdoor in a suburban neighborhood of Montreal.

La pornographe (The Pornographer)

Gabrielle Demers Canada french 11min 2018 s.t-en.

Fall of 1970, an all-female film crew is about to shoot a soft porn film. Jane, the director, starts having a crush on a new girl. An eroticized power game unfolds between the filmmaker and her actress.

Reach the Sky

Daniel Sterlin-Altman Canada no dialogue 6min 2018

On the open road, three queer friends in three queer cars are separated by an unexpected fork in the road. Reach the Sky is a stop-motion short with heart, fantasy, and a whole lot of yarn.


Silvia dans les vagues (Silvia in the Waves)

Giovana Olmos Canada french 13min 2018 s.t-en.

Grief and fantasy entwine in this stunning short to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure; identity and memory.


Gail Maurice Canada french & english 15min 2018 s.t-en.

After her mother’s death, a young Indigenous girl is forced to live with her aunt and her two gender-bending best friends. When disaster strikes, the quirky colourful foursome must come together to survive and thrive. A bilingual story about family, misfits and fringe dwellers.


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