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Ma vie avec James Dean (My Life with James Dean)

Dominique Choisy 2017 France 115min french s.-t.en

Moving. Demanding. Unclassifiable. Rare. These are the words given to the gay film that Géraud Champreux (Johnny Rasse) is invited to present in the sleepy seaside town of Le Tréport in the Normandy region of France. They may just as well be the words to describe writer/director Dominique Choisy’s irresistibly bizarre Ma vie avec James Dean. At times dizzyingly romantic and erotic, at other times intense and chimerical, this nesting doll of a film follows Géraud as he becomes immersed in the lives of an ever-growing cast of characters: everyone from the young projectionist obsessed with him (Michaël Pelissier of the sinfully good hair) to the theater owner embroiled in a heated love affair (Nathalie Richard) to the hotel worker dreaming of becoming an actress in one of Géraud’s films (the delightful Juliette Damiens). Ma vie avec James Dean is a love letter to independent cinema in a France increasingly swallowed by toothless comedies and US action movies. It is also that rare film whose constant twists and turns genuinely surprise and grip you – sometimes in laughter, sometimes by the throat – up until the very last frame. – Michael Belcher

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