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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


2017 Peru Argentina Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Mexico Cuba 97min spanish s.-t.a.

Representing Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico, this stunning collection of award-winning shorts covers a lot of ground. From a bi threesome to a fragmented relationship to a thoughtful reflection on trans identity, this programme beautifully reflects the multifaceted Latinx queer identity.

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Café Desvelado

Pamela Castillo 2017 Peru 9min spanish s.-t.en

A few days before leaving the country, Pia organizes a camping trip with her girlfriend. A long night and several cups of coffee will make them hesitate about the future of their relationship.


Gabriel Ordonez 2017 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 14min spanish s.-t.en

A wound between old friends re-opens after an evening, forcing them to face the past and understand that their friendship is meant to drift apart.


Alejandra Sánchez 2015 Mexico 24min spanish s.-t.en

Luisa is a woman whose life revolves around her job in a gay bar. An encounter with her 8-year old niece will force her to embrace an unexpected motherhood, and to confront her sexual identity outside her close-knit gay world.


Luis Hernández De la Peña 2015 Mexico 17min spanish s.-t.en

A truck driver by day, a man’s new side emerges nightly through performance at a nightclub.


Reynier Cepero 2017 Cuba 20min spanish s.-t.en

Cheating on her boyfriend with David, Ana is surprised to learn that not only is Paco fine with the situation, but his intention was to open up their relationship to include him.

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève