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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


Ilan Peled & Yair Qedar 2016 Israel 70min hebrew s.-t.en

Bebe Goldberg resides somewhere in between. Between male and female, singer and dancer, cabaret artist and stand-up comedian, and between ethnic identities: Polish, Jewish, Israeli. And because she was never real, between fact and fiction. Bebe is a revolutionary mockumentary that is also, paradoxically and in essence, a documentary about the hardships endured by transgender Israelis whose stories may never get told, and their remarkable resiliency in the face of tragedy. It is also an honest, unvarnished portrait of the transgender experience, in general. The film, hot on Bebe’s trail, globetrots everywhere from Paris and Tel Aviv in the 60s to Poland in the 70s and New York in the 80s, weaving between frank and irreverent treatments of issues like abuse, transgender orgasms, AIDS, and (of course) Hitler’s youth as a male prostitute. For every untruth it tells, Bebe gets to the core of countless more truths, honouring a generation of trailblazers and building us all a model for being ourselves. – Michael Belcher

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Mum, I'm Back

Dimitris Katsimiris 2017 Greece 5min greek s.t-en

A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born. The cause is the death of her mother. She keeps an old photograph in her hands: a mother with her two sons. Arriving at the cemetery, she encounters the faces of all those she left behind.


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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève