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Your donation ensures image+nation can fulfill its role in bringing you evolving LGBT cinema from here and around the world  + help in producing and promoting québecois stories
It’s your festival and it’s your tax-deductible donation will make our future happen.

image+nation. what we do and could do with your support.

  • continue to bring local, national and international visions of our many LGBT (experiences) to our Montreal audience - the yearly festival, as well as special presentations throughout the year.
  • promote Québecois LGBT voices both locally and internationally (traveling programmes, yearly promotion production of a “best of” compilation, eventually making these available online, etc.).
  • play a role in the production of québecois film that speak of the specific nature of this very particular socio-cultural milieu.
  • create and maintain archives of works that have been submitted to image+nation (most of these earlier works are not available on DVD... say better). This represents an important witnessing of our past.
  • make our archives available to the public as well as to schools and universities.
  • present workshops and masterclasses that will enrich and expand the festival experience.
  • extended festival of classic and contemporary LGBT films  in collaboration with various Montréal institutions.

image+nation. how we see the present and future

  • creation of a web portal geared towards non-urban populations or people unable to access festival screenings making local and international LGBT films available to all. This fills a void of accessibility to images and stories representing our collective LGBT experience. This project WILL BE LAUNCHED in 2015.
  • recording Québec LGBT history by encouraging the collection of storytelling and initiating projects that pair youth with the elderly to make this a generational endeavour and valuable experience for the upcoming generation.
  • mentorship for emerging LGBT filmmakers.

image+nation’s role and mission is to bring together reflections of our past and representations of where we came from and where we are now. Each year, some of us relive these moments, others discover our histories for the first time but ALL OF US come together to share in what makes up our unique Montréal LGBT community.

Your donations will give you the following privileges over the next year:
20-45 $/month • 240 - 540 $/ one time payment
- tax-deductible receipt for your donation
- advance access to box office
- advance reception of I+N programme
- priority members only line-up at i+n screenings

46-80 $/month • 552 - 960 $/ one time payment all the above
+ invitation to I+N opening pre-cocktail [does not include ticket for film]

81-150 $/month • 912 - 1800 $/ one time payment all the above
+ discount on special screenings during the year + priority access for you and one guest

151-230 $/month • 1812 - 2760 $/ one time payment all the above
+invitation to special screening during the year (when possible)
+ special priority line-up in the i+n café as you await your screening with up to three guests

231 $/month + • 2772+ $/ one time payment + all the above
+ image+nation 20 catalogue couriered to you hot off the press
+ special priority line-up in the i+n café as you await your screening with up to five guests
+ pdf of image+nation 20 catalogue- even before it goes to press!! + dedicated no-fee advance ticket purchasing

With your participation in our Fundraising Campaign, we will together create another edition to remember and your ongoing support of image+nation will ensure the presence and growth of remarkable LGBT cinema in Montréal.
It’s your festival.Your tax-deductible donation will make our future happen.

We have two easy ways for you to make your donations to the I+N Funraising Campaign:.

1 - set up your one time donation through paypal by clicking on the Donate logo.

2 - send us post dated cheques for the monthly or a cheque for the full amount amount you wish to contribute to the campaign

Please make cheque payable to:
image+nation/ fundraising, and send it to: 4067 St-Laurent #404 Montréal Qc H2W 1Y7

Please provide us with your complete name and adress so that we may issue you a tax receipt.

Thank you for your contribution!
Your support will help us continue to bring the best of LGBT films to Montréal audiences.

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