La face cachée des bars de danseurs nus à Montréal
Louis Bouchard, Richard Bradley & Guy Tay Tremblay | Canada | 2012 | 115 min | French |

A collaboration between Louis Bouchard, Richard Bradley, and Guy Tay Tremblay, La face cachée des bars de danseurs nus à Montréal offers a detailed historical portrait of local gay strip clubs. In addition to providing extensive research, Tremblay also conducts a wealth of telling interviews. There’s input from past and current club owners, DJs, clients, and of course, dancers – including Bel Ami porn star and Lac-Saint-Jean heartthrob Ralph Woods. Pop culture representations of stripping often reduce the profession to a stale cautionary tale, whereas Tremblay’s eclectic mix of interview subjects offer diverse insights. The documentary touches on the politics of private booths, the mix of both gay and straight dancers, the taboo of cross-generational desire, police raids in the 90s, the hysteria of ladies’ nights in gay strip clubs, and the interesting symbiotic relationship between dancers and DJs. There’s also a selection of vintage video footage and photographs. Bar Max, Campus, Stock Bar, Taboo, Cabaret JP, and Adonis – all of your favourite haunts get the proverbial full-monty treatment. – M. Ambrose Harris - Presented in collaboration with Village -

Sunday 25 November 15:00 | PGM 17 | Cinéma du Parc