I Want Your Love
Travis Mathews | USA | 2012 | 71 min | English |

While director Travis Mathews was working on a web series that focused on real couples having sex, porn maven NakedSword proposed something more ambitious. The result was a short entitled I Want Your Love, followed by this 2012 feature of the same name. Calling it “pornography” would be a misnomer, but there’s no denying this movie is chock-full of very real and very hot sex. Jesse (Jesse Metzer), who’s brimming with early 30s ennui, faces an impending return home to Ohio as he can no longer afford life in San Francisco. His roommate, Wayne (Wayne Bumb), throws a going-away party that Jesse can’t bring himself to attend because of its funeral-like undertones. Most of the film’s action takes place during this one day/night, as happenstance meetings, friendships, and romantic couplings all evolve into a wealth of sexual activity. What’s great about this movie is how fun and fresh the sex feels – Ferrin (Ferrin Solano) erupts into spontaneous laughter after orgasm, drenched in cum. Sister Spit performer Brontez Purnell offers a frank and hilarious discussion about crabs, in addition to performing a vigorous rim job. Candid and arousing, I Want Your Love is best devoured on the big screen. – M. Ambrose Harris - Presented in collaboration with Fugues.

Saturday 24 November 19:00 | PGM 11 | Cinéma du Parc
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