Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean
Matthew Mishory | USA | 2012 | 94 min | English |

:: SOLD OUT_REPEAT SCREENING SUNDAY 2ND @ 9 PM_ PGM 58_ DIRECTOR WILL BE PRESENT :: Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean is a dreamy, sexy reimagining of the mythic icon. Shot in smoky black-and-white with bursts of brilliant colour, the film follows Dean (James Preston) through the hobnobbing of the Hollywood hills and the breathtaking expanses of the California desert. The brooding, sexually ambiguous rebel seems destined for the silver screen, smoldering eyes and all. Set under the spectre of McCarthyism, director Matthew Mishory toys with the erotic charge of forbidden trysts – beaches become cruising grounds, playful roughhousing turns into rough sex, and secret pool parties invite an array of naked, sunbathing men. Mishory also touches on the rumours that surrounded Dean’s relationship with a nameless roommate (Dan Glenn). Erin Daniels of The L Word makes a cameo appearance, and vocalist Jeff Harnar delivers a musical performance as a lounge singer. With textual references to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Arthur Rimbaud, in addition to a brief allusion to Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising, the queer allure of James Dean provides its own spellbinding narrative. – M. Ambrose Harris

Saturday 1 December 21:00 | PGM 51 | Cinéma du Parc