BearCity 2: The Proposal
Doug Langway | U.S.A. | 2012 | 112 min | English |

If you didn’t get enough burly rom-com action from the first BearCity, fear not. BearCity 2: The Proposal returns chock-full of ursine antics. The story begins with a group of bears from NYC preparing to celebrate the nuptials of silver fox Roger (Gerald McCullouch) and twinky Tyler (Joe Conti). What better way to tie the knot than travel to Provincetown for Bear Week festivities? Filmmaker Fred (Brian Keane) hopes to shoot a documentary throughout the trip with the help of his boyfriend Brent (Stephen Guarino), whose fag-hag mother extraordinaire Rose (Kathy Najimy) hosts all of the hirsute and beefy gentlemen at her B&B. Of course, matrimony isn’t the fix-all balm it’s reputed to be as the two grooms grapple with doubt, new flames, and old exes – including the bearded and profoundly sexy Nate (Aaron Tone). After attending night gatherings in the sand dunes, surviving bear brawls at the foam party, and taking an evening stroll to the infamous “dick dock,” the group dynamic changes while the friendships remain intact. – M. Ambrose Harris - Presented in collaboration with

Friday 23 November 21:00 | PGM 06 | Cinéma du Parc