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Our documentaries this year look at the "new" Old World - ideologically and geographically - offering up keen observations and explorations on the status of homosexuality in traditionally non-accepting cultures around the world. While we learn of new, more openly accepting attitudes towards LGBT peoples around the world, less than tolerant attitudes still prevail, even closer to home as is eloquently illustrated in Wish Me Away, the very private and incredibly public coming out story of an American Country superstar and her journey to acceptance.
East Black Love
I Am     
Perfect Society
Not Quite the Taliban

Wish Me Away

The next frontier in our struggles for human rights, the challenges facing an aging and elderly LGBT population are explored in this year's documentary series. What it means to grown old as a lesbian, gay, transgender or transsexual person in eldercare and healthcare milieus that often force elders back into the closet as well as the challenges their partners encounter are tackled in three remarkable documentaries.

Gen Silent     
Margaret & Evergon
There's no Hole in my Head