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Le héros de la famille
Thierry Klifa | France/Italy | 2007 | 35mm | 103 min | french | s-t.a_en

Patriarch Gabriel Stern (Claude Brasseur) has been running “The Blue Parrot,” a nightclub in scenic Nice. Having performed as “Gabriella” for over 40 years, an exhausted Gabriel asks his fellow performer, faded magician Nicky (Gérard Lanvin) to close up the nightclub for him, and goes home. The next morning, Nicky receives difficult news: Gabriel died in his sleep. At the reading of the will, Nicky is stunned when his godchildren by different partners, women’s magazine editor Marianne (Géraldine Pailhas) and guppie accountant Nino (Michael Cohen) inherit The Blue Parrot. Marianne and Nino almost immediately, and despite strenuous objections from Nicky, put the cabaret up for sale. As complex relationships unravel and hidden histories come to light, can hard-luck Nicky, haunted by Gabriel’s imploring ghost, forestall its demise? Thierry Klifa’s heart-warming, sharply-written masterpiece about second chances in stage lives. A radiant Miou-Miou (Simone) and a typically insouciant Catherine Deneuve (Alice) headline this star-studded cast as feuding ex-spouses. Emmanuel Béart’s breathy singing and pouty presence binds an intergenerational melodramedy about families in flux – and where sometimes even the straight people end up being queerer than folk! – BP

saturday 17 nov_13:00 | PGM05 | Imperial


The DL Chronicles
Deondray Gossett & Quincy LeNear | U.S.A. | 2007 | video | 100 | english

Though guys on the “downlow” have always been around, it’s only recently that a name has been put to their surreptitious activities and a variety of artistic endeavours created to depict them. This trio of sexy, well-acted episodes from a new Here! Networks TV series is a worthy addition to the genre, offering a wide-ranging look at the different ways African-American men secretly engage in homosexual activity while outwardly living a straight life. In episode one, married buppie Wes finds himself drawn to his brother-in-law Trent. In the middle episode, a conflicted man, Robert falls for Austin, a younger guy from Belize, but hides the relationship from the key woman in his life. In the final segment, a playa named Boo slings his stuff around for anything on two legs to discover that promiscuity can have some serious consequences. Taken together, these three provocative storylines – with rich R&B-infused music – effectively delineate the variety of social and class-related situations that lead Black men away from lives of honesty and openness and into the world of the downlow.

saturday 17 nov_15:00 | PGM06 | Imperial

Johan: mon été 1975
Phillipe Valois | France | 1976 | 35mm | 90 min | french

It’s the 70s and the look of love is retro. As charismatic, imprisoned Johan awaits sentencing, queer actor-cinematographer Vallois attempts to recreate their once-passionate romance. He desperately seeks a star to replace his jailed lover, at which point his film becomes a meditation on spontaneous, unbridled sensuality, and interracial romance. Vallois’ newly-restored Johan features the obligatory heterosexual presence and gorgeous bodies in pre-steroidal glory. Although Philippe Vallois’ controversial and ground-breaking film was accepted completely uncensored at Cannes 1976, it was rated X by the France’s censorship board. Before its commercial release, he was forced to remove the beautiful erections and hot fisting scenes that are now staples of porn. Casually referencing films like Genet’s Chant d’Amour and Pasolini’s Teroema, Vallois’ Johan : mon été 1975 combines cinéma-vérité with a frank and unapologetically powerful eroticism. Alternately hilarious and refreshingly sexy, it subverts contemporary tastes and trends in commercial porn. Delightfully irreverent and politically incorrect, Johan : mon été 1975 is a rare treat for both connoisseurs of cinematic history – and porn.

saturday 17 nov_17:00 | PGM07 | Imperial

I Want to be a Secretary
Sarah Wood | U.K. | 2006 | video | 12 min | english

A career girl’s adventures in the typing pool.

saturday 17 nov_19:00 | PGM08 | Imperial
Également dans ce programme : Itty Bitty Titty Committee


Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Jamie Babbit | U.S.A. | 2007 | video | 87 min | english

Featuring Melonie Diaz (Raising Victor Vargas), Nicole Vicius (Half Nelson) and Daniela Sea (The L Word), Jamie Babbit’s (But I’m a Cheerleader) latest film is a riot-grrrl rom-com with a queer spin and a killer soundtrack. Eighteen-year-old Anna works as a clerk in a plastic surgery clinic and is preparing to be the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding; her girlfriend just dumped her and her college application was rejected. Life is looking bleak… until one night when she catches Sadie spray-painting the clinic on behalf of Clits In Action, a queer feminist direct-action group. Before long, Anna’s standing lookout for the Clits as they righteously reclaim public space. Soon after that she’s also rejecting the institution of marriage, throwing herself into mosh pits, dyeing her hair pink… and falling in love. But Sadie has a girlfriend, the C(i)A isn’t getting enough media attention, and conflicts abound between its members. What’s a freshly minted radical to do? Come up with a daring plan to take over the world and get the girl, of course! – AZ

saturday 17 nov_19:00 | PGM08 | Imperial
Également dans ce programme : I Want to be a Secretary


The Picture of Dorian Gray
Duncan Roy | U.S.A. | 2006 | video | 97 min | english

Doe-eyed, gorgeous socialite Dorian Gray (David Gallagher, Seventh Heaven) meets artist Basil Hallward, a Bruce Nauman-esque multimedia artist at his Warholian happenings. Dorian becomes the spellbound Basil’s lover and muse. His ingenious electronic video portrait, however, makes Dorian fearful of the ravages of time. Dorian forges a pact with The Devil: As his portrait ages, Dorian himself remains exquisitely handsome. Basil is callously discarded for amoral aesthete Lord Henry Wotton. Dorian, mesmerized by his limitless privilege, is drawn towards betrayal and murder, when angelic Gabriel reappears. Duncan Roy (of AKA fame) dazzles us with his audacious, openly gay interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novella of loss and redemption. His signature visual wit mimics Wilde’s own scalding adages. Hedi Slimane’s elegantly spare outfits complement the minimalist sets, and contrast sharply with a score lush with excerpts from Erik Satie, Wagner and the haunting space-rock of Mogwai. A magnificent companion piece for our deeply shallow times, where the measure of a (gay) man’s worth is merely material – and transitory. – BP

saturday 17 nov_21:30 | PGM09 | Imperial
Également dans ce programme : Scarred

Damien Rea | U.K. | 2007 | 35mm | 10 min | english

Planet Out Short Film Award winner, SCARRED tells the tale of a young man scarred (literally) by his past has to face the future when he falls for an unusual guy.

saturday 17 nov_21:30 | PGM09 | Imperial
Également dans ce programme : The Picture of Dorian Gray


Lover Other
Barbara Hammer | U.S.A. | 2006 | video | 55 min | english

Lesbian lovers and step-sisters. Jews anti-Nazi resisters. Artistic collaborators and survivors. Born in Nantes, France, wealthy and witty Claude Cahun (Lucy Schwob) and Marcel Moore (Suzanne Malherbe) adopt masculine attire, gender-neutral names and call it Surrealism. After Hitler invades France, they flee to Jersey Island, continuing their revolutionary experiments with gender, subject-object positions and role-playing. As Nazism darkens their artistic horizons, they redirect their relentless creativity into composing subversive tracts, urging Nazi militiamen to mutiny. Arrested and sentenced to death, both narrowly survive their imprisonment. Cutting-edge filmmaker Barbara Hammer deftly weaves a compelling tapestry featuring interviews with curators and Jersey residents, dramatic re-enactments, and dazzling selections from their body of work. A riveting portrait that they might have made themselves, it is guided by Cahun’s observation “Under the mask is another mask, I will never finish lifting all these faces.” A documentary masterpiece tightly bound by an ethereal score, Lover Other rightfully situates them beside fellow avant-gardistes Bataille and Breton, as the auctioneer’s gavel comes down on these artists and lovers in a dangerous time. – BP

saturday 17 nov_21:30 | PGM10 | J.A. de Seve

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